Different options to scrape web pages requiring user interactions.

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In several of my previous articles, I mentioned applications and libraries that you can use to scrape data. In this article, let’s explore the different methods that we can use to get data from dynamic web pages.

The Basics

Let’s get started with the basics, in an earlier article, I used Python to scrape stock data. This approach is straight forward and it should meet our data scraping requirements most of the time.

With this approach, you need to analyze the web pages for dynamic websites and find out the…

A list of less commonly known modern code editors which support modal editing.

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In an earlier article, I talked about embedding Neovim in browsers and Visual Studio Code using and . For developers, there are simply too many code editors for us to choose from. From Vim, Emacs till more modern code editors like Atom, Sublime, Neovim, VSCode just to name a few.

Personally, I would encourage developers to learn and use modal editing. Vim/Neovim supports this natively. For Emacs we have and for VSCode we can use plugins like or . …

Few Neovim only features and tricks without any plugins.

Neovim Features and Tricks


In this article let’s go through a few Neovim only features which I find useful.

Show Effects of a Command Incrementally

Type to read the help of this command.

This is a global option and by default, it is set to blank.

Possible values are

  • : Shows the effects of a command incrementally, as you type.
  • : Also shows partial off-screen results in a preview window.

Works for ||, ||, ||. ||


Type and now try to perform text substitution.

A beginner guide on writing Neovim plugins in Lua.

Writing Neovim Plugins


In Part 1 of the article, I developed a very simple Neovim plugin. In this article let’s explore Neovim Lua's libraries and use them to enhance the plugin.

Development Setup

Let’s get started by setting up a proper plugin development environment.


Type followed tab and you should be able to see the Neovim built-in Lua APIs. However, navigating the help documentation is a bit cumbersome so let’s set up LSP.

Telescope. nvim

If you install , type and you can easily search for the Neovim APIs that you need.

Open source command-line utilities to get technical tips and answers instantly.

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In my previous article, I talked about command-line utilities that help us to navigate the file system faster. As developers, we mostly live within the terminal, and there are tons of commands that we may need to use from time to time.

In this article let’s go through the open-source utilities that can provide us the tips and answers when we need help.

Linux man-pages project

Let’s start with the default — The Linux man-pages project.

This project documents the Linux kernel and C library interfaces that are employed by user-space programs…

Command-line utilities to replace “ command for faster file system navigation.

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In some of my previous articles, I walked through with you tools that could improve your development workflow. One of the command-line utilities is which is a faster way to navigate the filesystem.

For developers, we mostly live within the terminal. Having a faster way to navigate the filesystem can definitely improve our productivity. In this article let’s explore the possible options we have.

Jumping Between Directories

Built-in Commands

Let’s start with some of the built-in commands.

  • : You can easily create for the most commonly used directories, e.g. your project folder

A beginner guide on writing Neovim plugins in Lua.

Writing Neovim Plugins


There are many great Neovim plugins but not many guides on writing Neovim plugins in Lua. In this article, let’s start to explore developing Neovim plugins in Lua.

This is a beginner guide and we are going to learn by developing a simple plugin, and continue to explore more advanced topics in future articles.

  • Part 1: This article.
  • Part 2: Available here.

Table of Contents

LCDP for rapid web application development and sharing of machine learning models.

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From Wikipedia,

A low-code development platform (LCDP) provides a development environment used to create application software through a graphical user interface instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming.

In this article, let’s go through some of the open-source low code development platforms or frameworks for web application development, business intelligence, and sharing of machine learning models. If you find yourself tired of writing CRUD operations and APIs repeatedly, you may want to try out these platforms or frameworks.

Some of them may not necessarily have a graphical user interface…

Part 1 of the series on Apache Pulsar focusing on development setup and testing using Python and Rust.

Apache Pulsar Architecture


Apache Pulsar is a cloud-native, distributed messaging and streaming platform. In this article, I am going to focus on setting up a local development environment using Docker.

Client libraries for Apache Pulsar are available natively for Java, Go, Python, C++, Node.js, WebSocket, and C#. In this article, let’s try with Python and a 3rd party Rust library.

Pulsar and Pulsar Manager

Let’s get started by setting up Pulsar and Pulsar Manager.

Pulsar Manager is a web-based GUI management and monitoring tool that helps administrators and users…

Vim/Neovim plugins for writers.

Distraction-Free Writing


In my previous article, I talked about Vim/Neovim plugins used to manage notes and to-do lists. Vim/Neovim, being a text editor, can also be a very efficient tool for writing. In this article, let’s explore plugins that writers can use to help them write books, documentation, etc.

Let’s start with some of the popular plugins.

goyo.vim + limelight.vim = Zen Mode

These 2 plugins normally go hand-in-hand. Both are popular options when people talk about distraction-free writing.


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