Yes, you can play games in Emacs!

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Continue from my previous article where I walked through with you on setting up LSP and DAP for Emacs, in this article let’s explore gaming in Emacs for amusement and relaxation after a hard day of coding, all within Emacs.

Built-in Games

  • Command: M-x tetris
  • Instructions: C-h m
  • Command: M-x snake
  • Instructions: C-h m
  • Command: M-x bubbles
  • Instructions: C-h m
  • Command: M-x life
  • Instructions: C-h m
  • Command: M-x animate-birthday-present
  • Command: M-x 5x5
  • Instructions: C-h m
  • Command: M-x gomoku
  • Instructions: C-h m

Open any file and select the command, and you can see a random screen saver applied to the buffer.

  • Command: M-x zone
  • Command: M-x mpuz
  • Instructions: C-h m
Multiplication Puzzle
  • Command: M-x pong
  • Instructions: C-h m

And finally, let’s release the power of the butterfly.

  • Command: M-x butterfly
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There are many more games and amusements available. Refer to the References section to find out more.

Other Amusements

Install the package by M-x package-install, and then type xkcd to install the package.

Type M-x xkcd-rand to view random comics within Emacs.


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