Investment Analysis — A Case Study

Use the open-source financial terminal to study a stock.

6 min readApr 24, 2022


Investment Analysis — A Case Study

We learned the basics of the OpenBB Terminal which is an open-source investment research platform. In this article, let’s apply the knowledge to study a stock.

The content of this article is not investment advice. Investment involves risk. Always use your judgment for any investment decision.

Choose a Stock

To make it interesting, let’s use Netflix, one of the FAANG stocks, for our analysis.

The year-to-date market summary for Netflix is shown below.

Netflix Market Summary

Netflix share price declined as much as >60% since the beginning of 2022.

We use the following command to load the Netflix stock and view the candlestick chart.

Check out the previous article if you are not familiar with the basics.

stocks->load NFLX->candle
NFLX Candlestick Chart

Fundamental Analysis

We can perform fundamental analysis using the stocks->fa menu. Let’s go through several examples.


Use this command to get an overview of the company.

Netflix Overview

Fundamental and Technical Data

Fundamental and Technical Data

Investing Score

Use this command to get the investing score from Warren Buffett, Joseph Piotroski, and Benjamin Graham. Data is from FMP.




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