Investment Analysis — Free Online Courses

Learn investment analysis through free online courses.

3 min readApr 16, 2022


Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

We talked about an open-source investment research tool in the previous article. Investment analysis is an interesting topic. In the process of developing a serverless application for investment analysis, there are several courses that I found helpful.

Machine Learning for Trading

Machine Learning for Trading, a free course available from Udacity, introduces us to the real-world challenges of implementing machine learning-based trading strategies including the algorithmic steps from information gathering to market orders.

For beginners, this is a good course to get started with. You will learn the basics of Python and NumPy, how to plot charts for stock data, how to deal with incomplete data, shape ratio calculation, statistical time series analysis, technical analysis, the CAPM equation, efficient market hypothesis, market mechanics, portfolio optimization, how to use machine learning, reinforcement learning and Q-Learning for trading, and many other fundamental concepts.

This course is also available from the Georgia Tech website.

Mathematics with Applications in Finance

This MIT course introduces mathematical concepts and techniques used in the financial industry.

The course consists of a set of mathematics lectures on topics in Linear Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Stochastic Processes, and Numerical Methods. Mathematics lectures will be mixed with lectures illustrating the corresponding application in the financial industry.




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