Jupyter Notebook + Vim/Neovim

5 min readSep 26, 2021

Vim/Neovim code editing experience for Jupyter.

Vim/Neovim + Jupyter


For data science projects, normally I use Jupyter with vim bindings. In some of the previous articles, I also mentioned several plugins which integrate with Jupyter but the experience is not quite what I am looking for.

In this article, let’s explore several possible ways that we can truly use Jupyter with Vim/Neovim code editing experience.

Table of Content

· Overview
· Table of Content
· Jupyter Ascending
Install Jupyter Ascending
Create a Notebook and Python File
Vim Plugin
Start Jupyter Notebook
· Firenvim + Jupyter
Browser Addon
· Magma
· Console based Plugins
· Other Plugins

Jupyter Ascending

Jupyter Ascending lets you edit Jupyter notebooks from your favorite editor, then instantly sync and execute that code in the Jupyter notebook running in your browser.

Install Jupyter Ascending

Run this command to install Jupyter Ascending and the extensions.

pip install jupyter_ascending && \
jupyter nbextension install jupyter_ascending --sys-prefix --py && \
jupyter nbextension enable jupyter_ascending --sys-prefix --py && \
jupyter serverextension…




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