Ligature Fonts for Terminal, VS Code, Neovim and Emacs

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Ligature Font

Ligatures are special characters in a font that combine two or more characters into one. In this article, I am going to show you how to configure ligature fonts for terminal emulators (Alacritty, iTerm2, and kitty) and code editors (VS Code, Neovim, and Emacs).

Ligature Fonts

There are many ligature fonts freely available but in this article, I will only show you the fonts listed below interchangeably between various terminals emulators and code editors.

Ligature Font in Terminal Emulator


The current version of Alacritty does not support ligature. There is a fork available here that I use.

Clone and build alacritty from the repository.

# git clone
# cd alacritty
# git checkout ligature
# cargo build --release

Configure .alacritty.yml to use Fira Code.

family: Fira Code
style: Regular
family: Fira Code
style: Bold
family: Fira Code
style: Italic
size: 17

I use this in my machine running Arch Linux. Currently, it does not seem to work for macOS.


For iTerm2, I configure it to use Victor Mono and check Use ligatures. iTerm2 also warns you that Enabling ligatures may reduce performance.

iTerm2 Configure Ligature Font


In kitty.conf, I configure it to use Monoid

font_size 16.0
font_family Monoid
Ligature Font in kitty

Code Editors


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