Live in Emacs using EAF

3 min readApr 30, 2021

Live in Emacs using Emacs Application Framework (EAF).

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“Emacs has a text editor” and the concept of “Living in Emacs” are some of the strong reasons that developers use Emacs. However, using Emacs as an operating system may not be easy for most developers. Many of the packages which make living in Emacs possible work well in a Linux environment but the functionalities will be reduced for non-Linux OS, e.g. exwm on macOS.

In this article let’s explore Emacs Application Framework (EAF) which is a GUI application framework for Emacs. It works for Linux, Windows, and macOS. However, for macOS it is still partially supported.


  1. Git clone EAF. In my case, I cloned it to ~/.config/emacs
git clone --depth=1 -b master ~/.config/emacs/emacs-application-framework/

2. I use use-package to install the dependencies. You can refer to the configuration in this repository.

;;; desktop.el --- Desktop management
;;; Commentary:
;;; Desktop management
;;; Code:
(use-package eaf
:load-path "~/.config/emacs/emacs-application-framework"
(use-package epc :defer t :ensure t)
(use-package ctable :defer t :ensure t)…




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