Modern Neovim — Configuration Recipes

Configuration recipes to optimize our Neovim configuration.

11 min readMar 31, 2023
Modern Neovim — Configuration Recipes

In this article, we will go through configuration recipes to set up a modern PDE with Neovim.

This article is part of the Modern Neovim series.

The Neovim configuration files are available in this repository.

Getting Started

We will go through configuration recipes to optimize our existing Neovim setup. The table of content below should help you navigate the content.

The configuration recipes will be updated progressively.

  • Neovim release 0.9 and above is required.
  • You can use Bob to manage multiple versions of Neovim.

Table of Content

· Getting Started
· Table of Content
· Isolated Environment
· LaTeX
· Document Conversion using Pandoc
· Document Viewer
· Project Configuration using EditorConfig
· Status Column and Code Folding
· Remote UI and Development
· Database Management
· Conventional Commits
· Telescope Extension for lazy.nvim
· Integration with External Tools
· Configure Terminal Emulator for Neovim
· Using Mouse in Neovim
· Code Refactoring
· Maximize and Restore A Window
· Better LSP Performance using Bun
· Python Pyright




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