Modern Neovim — PDE

Configure a personalized development environment with Neovim.



Modern Neovim — PDE

With Lua and the mature plugin ecosystem, Neovim can be customized to meet all our development needs. In this article, let’s explore how we can further configure Neovim as our personalized development environment.

This article is part of the Modern Neovim series.

The Neovim configuration files are available in this repository.

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Getting Started

Using lazy.nvim, our current configuration is very extensible. For the configuration recipes in this article, you should take them as references to set up your personalized development environment.

Custom Menu using hydra.nvim

hydra.nvim allows us to create custom sub-modes and menus.

We can create a customized menu to meet a specific need using this plugin.

For example, instead of using the which-key.nvim plugin, we can use hydra.nvim to create a debug menu to make debugging a breeze.

Below is the configuration in the lua/plugins/extras/pde/hydra.lua file.

This will create a debug menu that displays in the middle right of the window. The menu is activated by pressing <A-d> (line 32).

Custom Debug Menu

Using the custom menu, we can debug our code easily.

Debugging using hydra.nvim

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