Neovim DAP Enhanced

5 min readJun 19, 2021

Enhance your debugging experience using DAP in Neovim for Python, Golang, Rust, Node.js, Javascript/Typescript, and Lua.

Neovim DAP Enhanced


In my previous articles, I walked through with you how to configure LSP and DAP for Neovim using both nvim-dap and vimspector. In this article, let’s continue to enhance the debugging experience using nvim-dap. I am going to focus on Python, Node.js/Javascript/Typescript, Golang, Rust, and Lua.

Getting Started

Let’s get started with Python before we delve into other languages.

Install Plugins

Using your favorite plugin managers, install the following plugins

I am going to install them using packer.nvim.

use {'mfussenegger/nvim-dap'}
use {'nvim-telescope/telescope-dap.nvim'}
use {'mfussenegger/nvim-dap-python'}

Run :luafile % and :PackerInstall to install them.


Create the following files

  • lua/dbg/init.lua
  • lua/dbg/python.lua

In init.lua, add the following lines to configure the plugins and the key bindings. Change the key mappings based on your preferences.




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