Neovim PDE — .NET C#

Configure a PDE for C# programming.

4 min readJun 4, 2023
Neovim PDE — .NET C#

Neovim is a highly extensible text editor that can be used for C# development, although it is not specifically tailored for it like some other IDEs. This article describes the steps to configure a personalized development environment for C# programming.

This article is part of the Neovim PDE series.

The Neovim configuration files are available in this repository.

Getting Started

Neovim provides a powerful and customizable environment for editing code, and with the proper configuration and plugins, we can use it to enhance our C# development workflow.

C# Single Page Application (SPA)

We install the .NET SDK and use the NET CLI to create a React-based Single Page Application (SPA).

dotnet new install Microsoft.DotNet.Web.Spa.ProjectTemplates
dotnet new react -o my-react-app
cd my-react-app

To start the React application, run the following commands.

dotnet build
dotnet run




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