Neovim Plugins— Movement, Key Mapping, Selection & Substitution

Explore untypical Neovim plugins for better coding.

4 min readJun 5, 2022
Neovim — Uncommon Plugins to Try

In this article, let’s explore plugins for movement, selection, substitution, motion, formatting, and key mappings. Try them out to see if they can fit into your development workflow.

The Neovim configuration files can be found in this repository.


tabout.nvim is a plugin to help us tab out from parentheses, quotes, braces, and similar contexts in insert mode. This may help us save several keystrokes during coding.

We install it using packer.nvim, and load it after the nvim-cmp completion plugin.

use {
opt = true,
wants = { "nvim-treesitter" },
after = { "nvim-cmp" },
config = function()
require("tabout").setup {
completion = false,
ignore_beginning = false,

With the plugin installed, we can use Tab or S-Tab, or configure the keys to tab out from the current editing context in insert mode.





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