Neovim Startup Screen

Let’s explore plugins to create a fancy startup screen.



Start-up Screen using alpha.nvim

In this article, let’s go through plugins that we can use to create a fancy startup screen.


Let’s start with vim-startify which should be familiar to most Vimmers.

vim-startify is a plugin that shows recently used files, bookmarks, commands, and sessions that were saved to a certain directory.


It is easy to get it up and running. E.g. using packer.nvim,

use { "mhinz/vim-startify" }

You can easily manage the sessions using the session commands.

:SLoad       load a session    |startify-:SLoad|
:SSave[!] save a session |startify-:SSave|
:SDelete[!] delete a session |startify-:SDelete|
:SClose close a session |startify-:SClose|

Customization is easy using the global variables (:h startify-options)


For beginners, this plugin is very easy to get started with.

Tip: Check out the example configurations in the Wiki.


dashboard-nvim is another familiar Neovim plugin we can use to create a startup dashboard.


To install it using packer.nvim,

use {
config = function()

It supports vim-clap,fzf.vim or telescope.nvim as the fuzzy search plugins.

In my configuration below,

  • I use telescopefor searching.
  • I configure a custom header.
  • I configure the custom shortcuts…




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