New Neovim Plugins You Should Try

4 min readSep 14, 2021

Neovim plugins to try out for better development workflow.

New Neovim Plugins to Try


In a previous article, I talked about new Neovim completion frameworks to try out. Let’s go through the new Neovim plugins that could improve our development workflow in this article!


In Emacs, we have org-mode and org-babel that allow us to run code interactively. I am looking for a simple solution for Neovim and find SnipRun handy.

SnipRun is a code runner plugin for Neovim written in Lua and Rust. It aims to provide stupidly fast partial code testing for interpreted and compiled languages. It blurs the line between standard save-and-run workflow, Jupyter-like notebook, and REPL/interpreters.

To install it using packer.nvim,

use {
run = "bash",
config = function()

I configure it to display the results on the command-line area, as virtual text, and in a…




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