Niche Vim/Neovim Plugins

5 min readFeb 12, 2021
Niche Neovim Plugins — Firenvim screen


In a few of my earlier articles, I demonstrated how to set up LSP, DAP, and Fuzzy Finder for Neovim, plugins to help you code faster, and also how to convert .vimrc/init.vim to init.lua. In this article, let’s explore a few niche Neovim plugins that serve very specific purposes.

For the demonstration, I am going to use the Lua-based configuration I crafted in my earlier article. Of course, you can install these plugins using Vim built-in packages support (:h package), or any other plugin managers like vim-plug.


Firenvim turns a browser into a Neovim client. Just click on any textarea and it will be immediately replaced by an instance of Firenvim. For those who do a lot of typing or online coding in Chrome or Firefox (currently supported browsers), you will find this plugin very useful.

Besides installing the Neovim plugin, you will also need to install the Firenvim add-on for your browser from Mozilla or Google.

Online Coding using Firenvim


vim-oscyank is a Vim/Neovim plugin to copy text to the system clipboard from a remote SSH session using the ANSI OCS52 sequence.

OSC stands for Operating System Command, a category of ANSI escape sequences that instruct the terminal emulator to perform certain actions.

OSC52 is one of these sequences and it tells the terminal that the string it carries must be copied to the system clipboard.

If your day-to-day work requires you to log into remote servers via a terminal emulator, perform some tasks and copy text from remote servers to the local machine’s clipboard, then this plugin will be very useful for you.

For the Lua-based version, check out nvim-osc52.





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