Presentation— The Developer’s Way

5 min readJul 20, 2021

Let’s create presentations the developer’s way.

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I showed you how to use VSCode, Emacs, and Vim/Neovim to create presentations in earlier articles. As developers, rather than using presentation software, we should use tools and technologies that we are familiar with to make presentations to fit our development workflow.

This article explores using open source libraries to make interactive and attractive presentations.


Let’s get started with Slidev, which uses an extended Markdown format to store and organize your slides in a single plain text file.

  • Create a Slidev application using either yarn or npm. For this example, I will be using yarn. Refer to the documentation for more options.
yarn create slidev
yarn create slidev

For the slide show, navigate to http://localhost:3030.

Slide Show

For presenter mode, navigate to http://localhost:3030/presenter.


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