Publishing Jupyter Notebook

Let’s explore the different ways to publish a JupyterLab notebook.

4 min readNov 15, 2021


Publishing Your JupyterLab Notebook

You completed the hard work exploring the datasets, validating and testing your model. Now is the time to publish and showcase the results.

In this article, let’s explore the different ways to publish a JupyterLab notebook.

Let’s get started by exploring the built-in features.

Exporting Notebooks

Use this option if you want to quickly publish the notebook in different formats easily.

JupyterLab has the ability to export notebooks to different formats using the user interface.

  • Asciidoc .asciidoc
  • HTML .html
  • Latex .tex
  • Markdown .md
  • PDF .pdf
  • ReStructured Text .rst
  • Executable Script .py
  • Reveal.js Slides .html
JupyterLab Export Notebook
  • Select the cells to export.
  • Use the Property Inspector to set the slide type and any other properties.
Export A Notebook
  • From the File menu, export the notebook to the desired format. In my case, I choose Reveal.js Slides.
JupyterLab Notebook Presentation

Internally JupyerLab uses nbconvert to perform the export. I can also perform the export from the command line.

E.g. I can export the notebook to PDF.

jupyter nbconvert mynotebook.ipynb --to pdf


Use this option if you want to publish your notebook as a web application.

Voilà transforms a Jupyter Notebook into a stand-alone web application you can share. It gives you control over what your…




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