Vim/Neovim — Managing Notes and Todo List

Use Vim/Neovim to manage your notes and to-do list.

5 min readMar 30, 2021


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Compared to Vim/Neovim, one of the great features of Emacs is Org Mode. Org Mode is for keeping notes, maintaining to-do lists, planning projects, authoring documents, computational notebooks, literate programming, and more — in a fast and effective plain-text system.

In this article let’s go through the available options for Vim/Neovim for taking notes and managing to-do lists.


This is one of the most popular options we have for Vim/Neovim. Combining this withglow.nvim which I mentioned in my previous article makes writing a Markdown document extremely easy.

With VimWiki, you can:

  • Organize notes and ideas
  • Manage to-do lists
  • Write documentation
  • Maintain a diary
  • Export everything to HTML
VimWiki with Glow

Once you master the key bindings, editing Markdown documents and writing notes should be easy.

If you want a more mature and stable note-taking solution, consider using VimWiki.

Another alternative for VimWiki is wiki.vim.


If you are just looking for a minimal to-do list for your project, vim-bujo could be a good option.

This plugin allows people to easily access and manage to-do lists for their projects from Vim. You can easily access and manage Todo lists of specific projects or a general Todo list.


If you just want a todo list for your project, consider using vim-bujo.


todo.txt-vim is a plugin for Todo.txt. You’re not going to find many checkboxes, drop-downs, reminders, or date pickers.




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