Vim/Neovim Plugins for A Better Integrated Experience

Plugins for a better integrated development experience to make your life easier.



Vim/Neovim Plugins to Make Life Easier


In this article, let’s go through Vim/Neovim plugins that provide a better integrated experience and potentially can make life easier for you.

This article can be read independently from the other related articles.

File Viewer — Image, Video, PDF

There are times that you may need to view binary files within Neovim.

For Neovim users, you can use telescope-media-files.nvim

File Viewer

To install it using packer.nvim,

Load the extension in your Telescope configuration file.

require("telescope").load_extension "media_files"

This plugin uses the following utilities so it only works for Linux.

Besides this plugin, you can try hologram.nvim which is a cross-platform terminal image viewer for Neovim, written in Lua and C. It currently only supports Kitty Graphics Protocol.




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