Vim/Neovim Plugins for Writing

4 min readMay 11, 2021

Vim/Neovim plugins for writers.

Distraction-Free Writing


In my previous article, I talked about Vim/Neovim plugins used to manage notes and to-do lists. Vim/Neovim, being a text editor, can also be a very efficient tool for writing. In this article, let’s explore plugins that writers can use to help them write books, documentation, etc.

Let’s start with some of the popular plugins.

goyo.vim + limelight.vim = Zen Mode

Distraction-Free Writing using Goyo and LimeLight

These 2 plugins normally go hand-in-hand. Both are popular options when people talk about distraction-free writing.

VSCode has a similar feature called Zen mode, and I actually prefer more this name. Nowadays with so many distractions, we all need Zen mode to focus on doing our tasks, whether it is coding or writing.




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