Modern Neovim — AI Coding Plugins

Free or open-source AI coding plugins.

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Modern Neovim — AI Coding Plugins

There are many AI coding plugins available for Neovim that can assist with code completion, linting, and other AI-powered features. In this article, we will explore free or open-source AI plugins.

This article is part of the Modern Neovim series.

The Neovim configuration files are available in this repository.

Getting Started

There are many new AI-driven coding plugins or tools that integrate with Neovim to enhance our coding experience. However, many of them come with a cost, though it is trivial. We will explore free AI coding plugins, and open-source language models that can assist us in coding.

We talked about AI plugins extensively in the following articles. Do check them out!


We talked about Codeium in the previous article. It is a free AI coding toolkit that is free for individual use.

Codeium provides extensions for all major editors and IDEs, including Vim and Neovim. It is a good alternative to Github Copilot and other AI-powered code completion products.

In the screenshot below, Codeium automatically shows the suggestion and we can cycle through the suggestions using the pre-defined or custom keymappings.



Sourcegraph provides code search and an AI assistant with the context of the code graph.

sg.nvim is a plugin focused on bringing many of the features of Sourcegraph into Neovim.

To install it using lazy.nvim,

event = "VeryLazy",
opts = {},
dependencies = { "nvim-lua/plenary.nvim" },

Once installed, we need to configure the access token using the :SourcegraphLogin command. With the access configured,




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