Neovim Plugins for a Better Coding Experience — Part 4

Neovim plugins to improve our coding experience.

4 min readFeb 22, 2022


Neovim Plugins for a Better Coding Experience

In this article, let’s continue to explore new Neovim plugins that can improve our coding experience.

This article can be read independently from the previous articles.

Command Palette using legendary.nvim

Neovim has a lot of built-in commands, and nobody will be able to remember all the commands. Though the help documentation is comprehensive and helpful, it is a bit tedious to go through if we just want to quickly browse a list of related commands.

This is where the legendary.nvim plugin comes in handy. I mainly use this plugin to search for those commands that I don’t use frequently.

To demonstrate this, let’s install it using packer.nvim.

  • We configure the plugin to load when Ctrl-P is pressed, similar to how VS Code works.
  • This plugin requires Neovim 0.7 and above as it uses the new vim.keymap.set API.
  • This plugin uses API, and we install dressing.nvim to hook it to telescope.nvimfor fuzzy finding.

In the lua/config/legendary.lua file, add the lines to configure it.

Run the :PackerInstall command to install the plugin.

  • We configure it to show built-in commands, and to auto-register key mappings…




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