Neovim Tips for a Better Coding Experience

Tips and tricks for a better coding experience.

6 min readJul 18, 2021


Neovim Tips for a Better Coding Experience


With the introduction of LSP (Language Server Protocol) support starting release 0.5, Neovim is gaining popularity among developers. Besides LSP, Neovim 0.5 adds support for tree-sitter, a tool that serves as a parsing library.

Parsing your code into a syntax tree allows for manipulating the structure of your code in a more intelligent way than is currently possible with regular expressions. This allows for improved and faster

  • text objects and motions
  • refactoring
  • code navigation
  • syntax highlighting

This article explores how we can leverage nvim-treesitter for a better coding experience.

This article can be read independently from the other related articles.

Better Text Objects and Motions

Using any plugin managers, install the following plugins.

E.g., Using packer.nvim,

use {'nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter', run = ':TSUpdate'}
use {'nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter-textobjects'}

Run luafile % and :PackerInstall to install them.

For more information on Neovim configuration using Lua, you can check out this article. I assume you are already familiar with basic Neovim configuration using Lua.

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